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Events Update - December 21, 2022

We wish you and yours a peaceful and blessed Christmas and Holiday Season. We hope your lives are filled with Health, Harmony and Happiness. Stay safe and be nice to each other.

New posters this week include skating in Digby, registration for "This Girl Can", Pond Hockey and Open Gym. There are a couple of Christmas services listed, then in January - a Levee and a Robbie Burns dinner.

Events are listed below while new posters are added continually to the website, so check there whenever you want to see what's on.

December events

Digby Skating Dec 21 - 31 Dec 21 A Christmas Carol, film, King's Theatre Dec 21 Handel's Messiah, Yarmouth Dec 21 Winter solstice walk in the woods Dec 22 Reading, Bear River Dec 22 The Barra MacNeils, music, King's Theatre Dec 23 Christmas on the 340 Dec 24 Christmas Eve service St. Peter & St. Thomas Dec 24 W. Church of Christ Christmas eve sercive Dec 27-29 Workshop, Kings Theatre Dec 27 Mazel Musical Arts AGM Dec 28 The Banshees of Inisherin, film, King's Theatre Dec 29 Avatar, free film, King's Theatre Dec 30 Robin Hood, thetare, King's Theatre Dec 30 the Menu, film, King's Theatre Dec 31 Digby Legion Dance Dec 31 Clementsvale Dance

Regular events This Girl Can Kids in Motion - Digby Kids in Motion, Weymouth Indoor walking, Weymouth Open Gym, Weymouth Indoor walking, Digby Weymouth Youth Drop-in - alt. Saturdays Fishing gear can be recycled _Oct to Dec ​Weymouth C. of Christ - Kids Club; Youth Group; Army Cadets Free skating Pond Hockey Pickleball

January 2023

Jan 1 Levee, Weymouth Legion Jan 4 She Said, film, Kings' Theatre Jan 7,8 Workshop, Kings Theatre Jan 13 Walk of Lights Jan 15 Prima Facie, stage to screen, King's Theatre Jan 18 Tax Benefits and Scam Awareness, Digby Jan 19 Collage fun for adults, Digby Library Jan 22, Puss in Boots, The Last Wish, film, KT Jan 28 Robbie Burns Dinner Jan 29 The Hours, stage to screen, King's Theatre

February 2023

Feb 10 Billy Joel Tribute, King's Theatre Feb 11 Jason Cyrus, live, King's Theatre Feb 12 Tracey, Marcel & Dakota, music, Kings' Theatre Feb 19 Drag your Heart out, Kings' Theatre Feb 25 Carson Downey Band, music, Kings' Theatre

March 2023

Mar 4 Classified, music, Kings' Theatre Mar 17 Damian Brennan & Jenny Melvin, music, KT Mar 25 Joce Reyome, music, Kings' Theatre

There will be no posting next week, so .. "May the New Year bring you new strength, new hope and new dreams."

All events and posters are on our website home page, and facebook page

All events are listed below. Meanwhile new posters are added continually to the website, so check there whenever you want to see what's on. 's on. hat's on. at's on. t's on. 's on. s on. on. s on. on. on. n. . s on. on. on. n. .

Let us know of any events and if you wish to contact us with contributions, comments or complaints, please email

Have a lovely holiday season

Eleanor & Wayne

All event posters and further details

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