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To serve residents and visitors in the Weymouth area by providing details of upcoming events. To encourage and facilitate participation as both volunteers and participants.


Some of the origins of Weymouth, NS (from Wikipedia)

The area was settled in the 1760s by New England Planters following the Acadian Expulsion. The town was formally founded by Loyalists in 1783 (the year that the Treaty of Paris was signed to end the American Revolution). Current-day Weymouth was once called Weymouth Bridge, and Weymouth North was called Weymouth. Weymouth is supposed to have been named in honour of the previous settlement of the Strickland family from Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Local Mural
2000 - 2002

In 2000 the first free newspaper called "The Weymouth Bridge" was started. It continued for about 2 years, reporting on local events and announcements in the Weymouth area. Copies are available in the Weymouth Library.


This current newspaper has no connection with the earlier paper, beyond its name and the area which we intend to cover. Our vision is less to report on past events in the area, but to provide details about events planned,  to encourage locals to get more involved and facilitate volunteering at those events.

Shipping and shipbuilding were the main industry in the mid-19th century. Until recently, Weymouth housed the oldest general store in Eastern Canada. Opened in 1837, the store was called The Trading Post, but closed in 2009. The village also houses one of the original offices of the Merchants Bank of Halifax (later renamed Royal Bank of Canada). This building is now part of the aforementioned Weymouth Trading Post building. The Dominion Atlantic Railway stopped running through Weymouth in March 1990.

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