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Events Update - January 19, 2023

January starts to wind down now so the list is getting smaller, but February's listing is filling up, and we have the first listing for April! Please bundle up and stay safe and warm.

New posters this week include a Youth Pride Social, a Bear River Mardi Gras, and lots of films and events at King's Theatre, Annapolis Royal.

Current events are listed below, and new posters are added to the website and facebook page as I find them, so check there whenever you want to see what's happening.

January 2023

Jan 19 Youth night Jan 20 I wanna dance with somebody, film, King's Theatre Jan 22, Puss in Boots, The Last Wish, film, King's Theatre Jan 25 Broker, film, King's Theatre Jan 26 Youth Pride Social Jan 27 Bille Eilish Live, stage to screen, King's Theatre Jan 28 Robbie Burns Dinner Jan 29 The Hours, stage to screen, King's Theatre

Regular Events

Cardio and Core Zumba Gold Chair yoga This Girl Can Kids in Motion - Digby Kids in Motion, Weymouth Indoor walking, Weymouth Open Gym, Weymouth Indoor walking, Digby Weymouth Youth Drop-in - alt. Saturdays ​Weymouth C. of Christ - Kids Club; Youth Group; Army Cadets Free skating Pond Hockey Pickleball

February 2023

Feb 1 Living, film, King's Theatre Feb 3 Devotion, film, King's Theatre Feb 8 Fabelmans, film, King's Theatre Feb 10 Billy Joel Tribute, King's Theatre Feb 11 Dance, Digby Feb 11 Jason Cyrus, live, King's Theatre Feb 12 Tracey, Marcel & Dakota, music, Kings' Theatre Feb 17 A Man Called Otto, film, King's Theatre Feb 18 Bear River Mardi Gras Feb 19 Drag your Heart out, Kings' Theatre Feb 24 Megan, film, King's Theatre Feb 25 Carson Downey Band, music, Kings' Theatre

March 2023

Mar 4 Classified, music, Kings' Theatre Mar 12 Liam and Lala, music, King's Theatre Mar 17 Damian Brennan & Jenny Melvin, music, KT Mar 25 Joce Reyome, music, Kings' Theatre

April 2023

Apr 8 Erin Costelo sings Carole King's "Tapestry" music at King' Theatre

All events and posters are on our website home page, and facebook page

All events are listed below. Meanwhile new posters are added continually to the website, so check there whenever you want to see what's on.

Let us know of any events and if you want to send us contributions, comments or complaints, please email

Have a lovely week

Eleanor & Wayne

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