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July-August Newsletter

The Weymouth Bridge

July is absolutely packed with things to do, even though we are half way through! have started to include events from Digby, Bear River and the French shore, because residents of Weymouth might be interested in going. The Cherry at Bear River is a big day (July 15) for them and Gilbert’s Lighthouse picnic is July 16. At the moment, there is a cartography exhibition on in Digby, an art exhibition at Saint Bernard’s Church weaving exhibition on at the Weymouth Library. Junk in the trunk and collective village yard sale is on in Weymouth July 22 and please register to get included on the map and be in line for a prize. Another picnic - the Hillbilly Band potluck BBQ is at Savary Park on July 23, then there is a Quilt Expo in Saulnierville in the last week of July. Don’t forget the regular the paddles put on by Hinterland - check calendars for all the details.

August is filling fast too. The Weymouth Library has events every Wednesday and the tall ships come to Digby (July 15 & 16). There an art exhibition at the Admiral Digby museum, while the Art Expo continues all month at Saint Bernard’s Church. Full moon paddles happen at the beginning of the month from Hinterland while in Digby The Royal Western NS Yacht Club hosts two SAILbration events in aid of the Admiral Museum.


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