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Weekly Update - Aug 31, 2022

Sept 1 - 4, 2022
Digby Wharf Rat Rallly

This week's events (posters below):

September DARC Fall Lake Days

Sept 1 to 4 Wharf Rat Rally

Sept 3 Circus

New events:

Sept 8, 9 & 10 Electric City / La Nouvelle France Theater in Weymouth

Sept 14 Fundy Chorale starts rehearsals

Sept 15 Ukulele Ladies

Sept 22 Hockey night in Weymouth starts (registration by Sept 15)

Sept 29 Sip and Paint

All September events


This week Aug 31- Sept 7


New events


All events and posters are on our website home page, and facebook page

While you are there why not Sign up to receive the Bridge by email (its free)?

Please let us know of your events. If you wish to contact us with contributions, comments or complaints, please email

Have a lovely week.

Eleanor & Wayne

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