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Update - July 6, 2022

Weymouth's July 1st celebration was a blast. Thanks to the volunteers, the celebrities, the vendors and parade participants and all the people who turned out to watch, buy, enjoy and join in.

This weekend is of course Lobster Bash, in Digby, and next weekend will be Bear River Cherry Carnival! What a summer!

This weekend:

July 7 Goal making

July 7 Weymouth farmers' market

July 8 - 10 Lobster Bash - Digby

July 8 Book Launch

July 8 Faultline (7pm Music on the Sissiboo)

New future events

Basketball camp July 25

Trivia July 21

Digby Community Gardens opening July 28

Black and white 35mm film photography course July 31 onwards

Below are only some of the events. All of them are posted on our website and Facebook page (see the photo albums).



Other events this weekend


New future event announcements


Don't be afraid to start over.

This time you're not starting from scratch,

you're starting from experience.


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