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May 30, 2022

Almost into June, and there are a couple of new events on the horizon.

All posters and newer events will be posted on our Facebook page and website, as they are discovered.

Collapsing lists here, posters are below,.

June events

Jun 4 Fishing tournament

Jun 4 Cornwallis yard sale

Jun 6 - 17 Seniors' games - Digby

Jun 11 World Knit in Public Day

Jun 11 Splash park

Jun 18 Spring into Summer

Jun 26 Trip to Halifax Tattoo

Lobster Bash

Jul 8 Bonded stock

Jul 8 King and Queen

Jul 8 Monster lobster

Jul 9 Breakfast

Jul 9 Inflatables

Jul 9 Costume contest

Jul 9 Faultline

Jul 9 kites

Jul 9 Excavator challenge

Jul 9 Raft race

Jul 9 Shucking demo

Jul 9 Survival suit

Jul 1- Al Dupuis

Jul 10 celebrities

Jul 10 Lobster crate

Jul 10 Row boats

Jul 10 Music - The Redhill Valleys

Jul 10 Show'n'Shine

Jul 10 Trap stacking

July events

July swimming

Jul 4 - Leadership camp

Jul 10 Lobster bash

Jul 18 Adventure camp

Jul 25 Kayak camp

August events

August camps

Aug 1 Kayak camp

Aug 9 artists' camp

Aug 15 overnight camp

August swimming

Regular Events

Veggie squirrel - Bear River

Jun 3 Digby market starts

Jun 3 - 24 Yoga in Bear River

Open Gym - SMBA & DRHS

Weymouth C. of Christ - Kids Club; Youth Group;

Army Cadets

Pickleball - Digby

Weymouth Hockey

June 2022 events

July 2022 and Lobster Bash

Lobster Bash

August 2022

Regular events

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