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February - March 2019

Spring is coming - it seems! There are at least more events on the calendars, so people must be thinking of getting out and about. Thanks to all advertisers and event organisers who let us know details to share with you. The Inspiring Communities initiative is sharing their survey findings on Feb 20 in Digby - that should be interesting and otherwise February has music and book readings, and a dance on Feb 23 in Weymouth.

March. Three end of season ice events take place in Digby before the rink closes, also a movie night and theElectric City AGM will be held in Weymouth. The libraries are active as ever, including March break activities. On a regular basis there is now a breakfast on certain Saturdays by St. Bernard Fire Dept,and darts in Meteghan on Thursday evenings. Lets hope it warms up soon too!

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