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December 2018 - January 2019

As we move towards Christmas, things quieten down and there are fewer events on our calendars. However Saturday Dec 15 is still particularly full starting with a sunrise ceremony in Bear River, then skating with Santa in Digby, a presentation about the invasive hemlock pest the wooly adelgid (also in Bear River), a tea in Weymouth and the annual Walk of Lights that night. Sunday has two Christmas concerts, one in Digby and one in Weymouth. The Weymouth Parade of Lights is on Dec 22, just before Christmas. We have listed what Christmas church services I could find on a separate page.

January. The libraries in Digby, Weymouth and Clare have posted lots of events, but the rest of the January calendar is still quite quiet, although regular events keep going - do check them out. Please let us know of any events you want included in the calendars.Our contact details are on the last page.

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