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March - April 2018

Spring is supposed to be coming, but as I write this the clocks go forward tonight, and its snowing Nevertheless, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are definitely on the calendar, so spring must be near by. There are more events appearing, a couple of music performances, the libraries are gearing up for March break, there’s curling, St. Patrick’s Day’s events, and two Easter Egg hunts. Hooray for Spring!

April starts with an Easter Breakfast at the Weymouth Church of Christ, and they also host a tea at the end of the first week. The Library will be hosting an art exhibition by Annette Comeau and Nadine Blinn, and a talk by Deb Payne-Younge on life as an outpost nurse in Canada’s North. Three events are connected with Electric City - a talk in Digby; a new exciting challenge, an Escape Room which may be booked on three weekends;and the third play in a trilogy, called The Light Shines Beyond. Another theatrical event is hosted by the Weymouth Church of Christ. It’s Spring - get out and get moving!!


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