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February - March 2018

Although February is half done, and St. Valentine’s Day just over, we still have quite a few events to look forward to this weekend. There’s a Karate Tournament and Rappie Pie and Bake Sale in aid of the 7 members of the Nova Scotia karate team from Clare, (Feb 17, École secondaire de Clare) and a teen dance at the Université Sainte Anne (Feb 17) also in aid of local athletes and charities. There is a Pokemon Trading event at the library (Feb 21), an open mic at Clare Veterans Center (Feb 22) and Pharkle for food at the same venue (Feb 23). Atelier de Clare is providing sledge hockey (Feb 24). More details within the notices for each event.

March is still a little quiet, but there’s time yet :). There is a big hockey game on Mar 3 at Digby arena, with a dance in the evening, but also a talk about learning to live with depression, at Digby Library on Mar 3. Weymouth Library is planning a Minecraft event (Mar 14), a Scratch programming event (Mar 15), and an Easter Egg hunt (Mar 29), while Transport de Clare are providing a Halifax shopping and casino trip (Mar 10) and a Yarmouth shopping trip (Mar 20) as well as their regular Food Bank and seniors’ outings. On the March calendar is the key to all the regular events in and around Weymouth.


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