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Community Conversation - Oct 8, 2019
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The presentation
The room

We had a wonderful turnout for our Community Conversation. Thank you so much to all the participants, to Turning the Tide facilitators and all volunteers.

For those who could not attend we had a short introduction presentation then invited participants to choose two topics to air their views. The table topics were:

  • Beautification & Environment (tourism, landscape, tide pole)

  • Economic development and Employment (markets, coffee shop, WiFi, use of existing buildings, riverfront development)

  • Healthcare (accessibility, safety, law enforcement, community service, transportation)

  • Communications (newsletter, community guide, web cam)

  • Community (youth, seniors, splash pad, education, trails, recreation, dog park, community gardens, mini library)


We encouraged everyone to interact and come up with ideas. The purpose was to help everyone to get their own ideas and projects underway, following the method suggested by with the steps:

  1. Plant a flag

  2. Gather a crowd

  3. Make connections

  4. Take small steps


These are just some of the comments that were recorded:


Compiled from facilitator notes and sticky notes

Emergency Preparedness
  • EMO Directory Warming Center - Handout listing services in emergency

  • Extensive package for Newcomers & Emergency Doc

  • Information through Digby “The Coastline”

  • EMO Coordinator / Team / Form Emergency care committee to assist with communication during storms / power outages

  • Emergency network to check on people / Neighbourhood watch

Health Care
  • Recruit Nurses

  • Municipal Government to FUND Med Students with a contract to stay

  • Encourage Students to enter Healthcare Profession

Healthcare team going to schools to encourage students to enter profession

  • Push government to fast-track new immigrant health care practioners to be able to work as they are trained.

  • Community Radio Station, Cell tower, Radio Transmitter

  • Drone Footage of the village could be on website

  • Weymouth Community Groups / Clubs / Associations are separate and don’t work well together

  • Better promotion and collaboration for events that already exist – there is too much division between committees, they should be working together more.

  • Improved communication would be beneficial, so that people know what is going on and what opportunities are out there to be involved in activities and events.

  • FUND Weymouth Bridge / Weymouth website for more local communication – more news and notices, not just events

Black Communities
  • Contact Paula

  • Weymouth Falls Community Center / Langford Heritage Center

  • Applying for grants etc.

  • Community garden events

  • Reunions, castles, Child Friendly, dances every 2 years

  • Maintain property fronts as a town initiative

  • Hire an environmentally friendly beautification team

  • Painting, clean up, landscaping

  • Plant more trees in the community and get property owners involved

  • Fix up the older houses in the town of Weymouth that are historical

  • Roads - Erosion of Weymouth Falls Rd @ Irving Mill

  • Clean ups should be organized – existing clean ups through the Lions Club could be expanded, need to include tree trimming and clearing

  • Need to educate people about littering

  • Weymouth teas should be celebrated more

  • Need attractive Highway signs

  • Involve Electric City Committee

  • Boat tours on the Sissiboo River, Talks about the tides / fish / environment

  • Be more bicycle friendly - have bicycle friendly trails clearly marked, have bike racks in down town

  • Develop festivals and markets

  • Something needs to be done with all the empty buildings in the village – turn them into an asset rather than the liability and eyesore they are now

  • Assets

Empty buildings

Sissiboo river


  • Needs better parking

  • Pavement uneven,

  • Very slippery in winter

  • Drought – dry wells

  • Greenhouse in the town (now available – contact us Wake up Weymouth)

  • 10 years from now – local residents will need:

    • food security- local sources

    • Heat security – oil, wood, solar, safety

    • Transportation security – need for public transit, isolation

Tide Pole
  • Pat Jarvis does carvings would be a recommendation to do the artwork (Call to artists to be released soon)

Employment & the economy
  • New stores needed on higher ground

  • Seasonal employment is a problem

  • Seasonal infrastructure – tourism and services etc. close for part of the year.

  • Mink farms and the mill closing are problems for the community.

  • Need for full time, year round work

  • Need for increased education levels for some - The library provides the opportunity for people to pursue on-line education – free wifi

  • 13 Empty buildings in the community – could be an asset or a liability, depending on what is done with them. Could be used as market spaces, etc

  • There are people with skills and talents in the community – these should be celebrated more.

Artists co-op?

  • Ideas for employment

Make paper (cloth?) bags to replace plastic bags that will soon not be used anymore.

  • Models in nearby communities

Shelburne – maker space at the library – sewing machines, people make cloth bags out of recycled fabric.

Could build on the local Frenchies – upcycling clothing, maps of local Frenchies should be available

Youth Engagement
  • Young people leaving the community, for work, a sense that there are no opportunities for them here, and some return later as retirees

  • Need for youth to get involved in activities and initiatives – would benefit from improved communication, many youth don’t know what they could get involved in. (see communication)

Next steps

  • Create a newsletter to be sent to all on our mailing list with

    • Summary of highlights

    • Next steps – two proposed below

    • Ask for feedback

    • Ask for progress on anything

  • Propose Emergency Preparedness “convention” (before end of November)

  • Propose next Community Conversation where all Weymouth clubs and groups could be offered the opportunity to host a table and present their activities (in January 2020)

11 July 2019 - Presentation to possible funding partners (provincial & federal)

2019-07-11 Funders

22 May 2019 - Presentation to Representative of Weymouth Community Groups