Weymouth Marina Complex Project

A number of ideas from the survey "Wake Up Weymouth" have been put together into one huge project the "Weymouth Marina Complex Project"

It is a long term development culminating in a celebration in 2024  of the  launching of the last Fairmiles type B vessel built in Weymouth.

On the journey to that celebration we hope to create a complex to serve the community and draw in visitors.  More details are below, but we need help for such a huge project. If you are interested in learning more please contact the lead on this project:  Fred Hawthorne (FH6649@gmail.com)

Mission: to create “the Heart of Weymouth” by providing an extension to the downtown core.

Vision:  a complex which will help to bring tourism into the village and benefit the existing and future businesses, the citizens, and the “health” of the community.

What is it? Develop the land on the north-east side of the Sissiboo River at the location of the John H. Leblanc Shipyards.


Phase 1: dog park Spring 2021

  • Off-leash park

  • Agility training/competition area

Phase 2: Market Village 2022

  • “Stores”

  • Park area

  • “Bandshell”

  • Riverside seating

  • A place to hold various events

  • Tide Pole / gauge /plaza

Phase 3: Completion of marina facility 2023

  • Docking

  • Parking

  • Refuelling

  • Shore power

  • Marina office

    • Supply store

    • Interpretive centre (Shipbuilding on the Sissiboo)

    • Office & maintenance facility

    • Mid-range restaurant.

Phase 4: Celebration 2024

  • A weeklong event in mid August celebrating

  • The official opening of the complex

  • Celebrate the 80th anniversary of last Fairmiles type B launch

Marina outline WWDC June 2020 r3.jpg
Community Conversation - Oct 8, 2019