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Events Update - February 23, 2023

225 views of last week's post of the electronic issue! We're thrilled!

This weeks update adds 3 February events: a Ukrainian celebration of courage, a concert by Kim Doolittle and co-ed pond hockey. New March events include 3 days when a mobile clinic will visit Weymouth, a dance workshop and star gazing in Clare, and a St. Patrick's Day Dance in Digby.

Current events are listed below, and new posters are added to the website and facebook page as I find them, so check there whenever you want to see what's happening.

February 2023

Feb 24 Crafter-noons, Digby Library Feb 24 Megan, film, King's Theatre

Feb 25 Co-ed Pond Hockey, Digby Arena Feb 25 365 days of Ukrainian Courage, Felker Hall, Cornwallis Feb 25 Kim Doolittle, music, Sissiboo Coffee, Bear River Feb 25 Gala Dinner Dance, Digby Feb 25 Carson Downey Band, music, Kings' Theatre Feb 26 Rock Painting, workshop, Clare Tiny art show, Meteghan Library

Regular Events

La Leche League meetings Digby Yoga, Weymouth Grants available Volunteers wanted Youth Space, Digby Clare Fair Market Crafter-noons, Digby Library Puzzle Exchange, Digby Library Cardio and Core Zumba Gold Chair yoga This Girl Can Kids in Motion - Digby Kids in Motion, Weymouth Indoor walking, Weymouth Open Gym, Weymouth Indoor walking, Digby Weymouth Youth Drop-in - alt. Saturdays ​Weymouth C. of Christ - Kids Club; Youth Group; Army Cadets Free skating Pond Hockey Pickleball

March 2023

Mar Speed skating Mar 1 - 31 Art Exhibition, Weymouth Library Mar 1 80 for Brady, film, King's Theatre Mar 3 Knock on the Cabin, film, King's Theatre Mar 3 Observe the stars, Clare Mar 4 Dance with Wontanara, Clare Mar 4 Classified, music, Kings' Theatre Mar 5 Artists' trading cards, workshop, Clare Mar 7 & 8 Mobile Clinic, Weymouth Mar 8 Women Talking, film, King's Theatre Mar 10 Digital literacy for Seniors, Digby library Mar 10 & 11 Avatar: the Way of Water, King's Theatre Mar 12 Expressive Painting, workshop, Clare Mar 12 Liam and Lala, music, King's Theatre

Mar 15 St. John's Ambulance course - Stay Home Alone Mar 16 Dinostories, King's Theatre Mar 17 St. John's Ambulance course - Babysitting Mar 17 Damian Brennan & Jenny Melvin, music, KT Mar 17 Shamrock Spiel, Digby Mar 17 St Patrick's Day Dance, Digby Legion Mar 19 Beading workshop, Clare Mar 21 Mobile Clinic, Weymouth Mar 21 Memory cafe, Rendez-vous de la baie Mar 25 Joce Reyome, music, Kings' Theatre Mar 26 Pointillism, workshop, Clare Mar 29 Job Fair, Nova Works Mar 31 Wonderfully, The Wizard of Oz, live theatre, King's Theatre

April 2023

Apr 1 Woodland Conference, SMBA, Weymouth

Apr 8 Erin Costelo sings Carole King's "Tapestry" music at King' Theatre

Apr 14 Digital Literacy for seniors, Digby library

Apr 14 Quote the Raven, King's Theatre

Apr 18 Memory cafe, Rendez-vous de la baie

All events and posters are on our website home page, and facebook page

All events are listed above. Meanwhile new posters are added continually to the website, so check there to see what's on.

Let us know of any events and send contributions, comments or complaints, to

Have a lovely week

Eleanor & Wayne

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